Efficient collaboration is about reaching the right people at the right time

Efficient collaboration is about reaching the right people at the right time

Welcome to Sprint 124, our first summer time sprint! With this sprint and based on your feedback, we make it even easier for you to manage calls and conversations, specifically:

Delete participants to conversations

Circuit is all about sharing knowledge and information with your colleagues, partners and customers. Adding a new colleague to an ongoing conversation is a great and effective way to onboard him or her to your ongoing project, giving instant access to what’s relevant and current. But what if you accidently add the wrong person to a sensitive conversation? With this update, you can fully delete a participant from a conversation, so they will no longer have access to it or see the conversation history.

New phone calls view, or “mini soft client”

One key strength of Circuit is our integration options with your phone system. In our first iteration, we have created a specific conversation for phone calls, but we heard your feedback to make our telephony capabilities more easily accessible and usable. You now have an easier way to navigate to the phone calls view directly from the “global functions” bar on the left-hand side of the Circuit browser and desktop apps. You can also filter call logs and voicemails. Think of it as a “mini soft client” embedded within team collaboration.

Add a user to your ongoing call

You‘re talking to a colleague but need to quickly consult with another expert on a specific topic during the ongoing call. So far, Circuit allows you to add that expert by creating a new ad-hoc conversation and the three of you would be able to talk. We wanted to make this experience easier so now during Circuit calls, you can add another participant to make a conference without creating a separate group conversation. You can choose to add Circuit or phone users. Again, thanks for your feedback.

Call summary at conference start

So far you were able to see who‘s participating in an ongoing session by joining, which isn‘t ideal in some cases–maybe you have to urgently finish an important project and only want to participate if relevant decision makers are actually in the call. Our session summary is now created when a conference starts so you can view who is on the call before joining and write notes for discussion.

New mute icon

A new, clear and more easy-to-understand icon is now available for controlling your microphone during voice, video or screenshare sessions and calls.

With these innovations, we believe managing your communication and collaboration is becoming even more convenient and secure. But there‘s a few more important features and design elements that I want to introduce:

  • Conference polls: Start a poll and get your colleagues' opinion during a conference. Please activate polling in Circuit Labs and share your feedback with us!
  • New default avatars: New default avatars for users and conversations bring a new fresh look to Circuit clients.
  • Read your PDF files in Circuit: You can now view posted PDF files directly from the conversation feed.
  • Simplified audio and video settings: We have now simplified the selection of microphone and speaker in a single selection for combined audio devices.
  • Pop out conversation from Favorites: You can now pop out a conversation in a separate window directly from your Favorites view with a simple double click. This is particularly helpful when you frequently need to multitask with your most important and frequent contacts.

As always, thank you for using Circuit and feel free to reach out to me through Circuit and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

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VP Circuit at Unify and CEO of blueKiwi
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