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Welcome to sprint 122! Let‘s do a quick run through what‘s news with our most recent update, with a particular focus on our new analytics capabilities.

Domain administrators with either Professional or Enterprise license now have access to statistics on Circuit usage and call quality within their domain. To access your statistics, we have added a tab in the administration settings menu. Usage data is important for admins and community managers to drive adoption of Circuit in their organizations, and to make sure all users have access to the packages and features needed to get their work done.

Specifically, administrators get an overview with visualizations on account status (activated, invited, deleted, etc.), number and duration of calls, call quality, daily logins by device type, quality of service as well as user adoption, i.e. how many messages have been sent and read, participation in conference calls, etc. As an administrator, you can find a complete list in the settings menu.

What else is new?

  • Incoming WebHooks support: We have introduced WebHooks support as a Labs feature in our previous sprint and it is now generally available. Developers can use WebHooks to post messages from external services and applications to Circuit conversations, as well as add links and formatting to the posts. As an integration proof point, our partner Telefonbau Schneider has created a chatbot to provides pricing information for nearby gas stations.
  • OpenScape Business integration (V2R7): Our mission is simple! We want to bring existing and new communication and collaboration platforms together and prevent information silos. With this release, you can combine enterprise telephony and team collaboration through our secure connector with enhanced call control capabilities like moving call between devices and conferencing. You can find more information on our blog or our TechConnect partner community in Circuit.
  • webRTC routing policy: Managing quality of service with webRTC is different than for VoIP. To give you more options, domain administrators can now allow users to change between four different routing policies for WebRTC media traffic.
  • Mute state remembered when swiping live sessions: Call swipe is one of our most popular features. You can hand over live voice, video and screen share sessions between your mobile and desktop apps where you‘re logged into Circuit. With this enhancement, your mute state is now remembered when you pull a call from another Circuit client.

As always, thank you for using Circuit. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me on Circuit.

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VP Circuit at Unify and CEO of blueKiwi
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