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Circuit Sprint 118

Coming soon: Circuit for Apple CarPlay

Sprint posts are usually not the place to share news about our iOS app, as backend and app updates follow their own release cycles. But let me make an exception and start with a major teaser: Very soon following this week‘s update, we are also updating our iOS app and with that Circuit is coming to Apple CarPlay! CarPlay for messaging and voice is completely Siri-based, and calls show up in CarPlay once the device is paired. With our integration:

  • Circuit notifications can be displayed and read,
  • you can reply to the notifications as a reply to the thread, and
  • you can ask Siri to read all new messages since the app was last opened and based on your notification settings.

This is very relevant to all you road warriors out there, so watch the AppStore for this update! And now back to normal business with our newest sprint 118 and what‘s included.

  • New conversation information pane: You now have quick access to conversation details and pinned topics from the new conversation information pane. You can open the pane by clicking on the “i” icon on the top right side of each conversation. If you need more information such as phone dial-ins for specific countries or the overview of files shared in a conversation, you can still find that in the conversation detail view.
  • New ringtones: You can now select from 14 different ringtones to use in the Circuit client for incoming calls.
  • Goeiedag: You now have the option to change your client to run in Dutch (please activate in Circuit Labs).

As always, thank you for using Circuit and feel free to reach out to me through Circuit and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

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