Better multitasking with Circuit chat

Circuit Sprint 116

With our current sprint, we are implementing a few enhancements to our conversation model, and take another exciting technical integration step in the context of our broader strategic alliance between Atos, our mother company, and Google. You will see more integration points between Circuit and Google as part of our 2019 evolution. Let me walk you through our most recent enhancements and new features.

Enhanced Circuit conversations and notifications

  • Open multiple conversation windows: You can now open each conversation as a separate window, allowing you to more easily jump back and forth between multiple active chats. This feature is available for our Desktop App and needs to be activated in Circuit Labs. Before we release to the mainstream client, we would like to collect your live feedback to make absolutely sure it‘s built to purpose. You can reach out to me through Circuit (email).

  • View and manage participants in the information pane: Currently, a list of participants is available in the detail view for each conversation. We are making our participant view more prominent, so now you can see and manage participants directly from the conversation information pane. Please activate this enhancement in Circuit Labs and share your feedback.
  • Improved text contrast ratio: We are continuously working to make Circuit more accessible and digitally inclusive for all our users. Circuit is now compliant with the relevant text contrast ratio standards (WCAG level AAA).
  • Windows 10 notifications with the Desktop App: On Windows 10 PCs, we use the native Windows notification system giving you more control over how you see notifications, including the ability to see a history of the ones you have missed.

Closer integration with Google

  • Google connector: If you have a Google account and use Google for calendaring and to manage your contacts, you can now connect with your Circuit account to get calendar and contact information into your Circuit client. With this integration, you will see your upcoming meetings scheduled in Google calendar in chronological order on the left side pane in Circuit. This feature is available in Circuit Labs.

Enhanced tenant administration

  • Domain statistics: Domain administrators with either the Professional or Enterprise Circuit package can see relevant statistics on Circuit usage and call quality within their domain. This feature is available in Circuit Labs.

Many of our latest features and enhancements are available in Circuit Labs. Please make sure to activate and share your feedback, so we can include in our next iteration, as we bring our enhancements to all users.

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VP Circuit at Unify and CEO of blueKiwi
Philipp is VP Circuit and CEO of blueKiwi Software at Atos. In previous roles at Unify, he worked as Chief of Staff and in strategy planning. As an industry analyst at Berlecon Research, his focus has been on enterprise communication technology and digital media. Philipp holds a degree in business administration from University of Mannheim.

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