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Circuit Sprint 114

5.555.555. We passed this milestone last December and it‘s the total number of users of our market-leading OpenScape Business telephony platform. If you are one of them, our latest Circuit sprint release is for you. But even if you use Circuit standalone, there‘s a lot of new features packed into this sprint.

New OpenScape Business Connector: Our latest sprint and upcoming OpenScape Business release give you enhanced call control capabilities like consultation, transfer, hold and forwarding for all Circuit clients and desk phones. Merging on-premise telephony and cloud collaboration is unique on our market with Circuit and OpenScape Business, and I will write about this in greater detail in an upcoming post.

Zoom screenshare: When viewing a screenshare on the Desktop App, you can now zoom in to see more details, for example when reviewing a very detailed spreadsheet with your finance team.

Hotkey dialing: You can select a phone number from anywhere on your computer and click Ctrl+F2 (Windows) or Option+Cmd+K (macOS) to be redirected to the phone calls conversation in Circuit desktop app. This feature requires our Circuit Telephony Connector.

Move active speaker video: Still reviewing that busy spreadsheet with your team? You can now move the small active speaker video shown over the screenshare in case it is blocking the view of something.

Delete call journal entries: Particularly if you are a salesperson, you rely heavily on telephony to contact externals like customers and partners. You then use the Circuit call journal to keep track of who to contact after missed or failed calls. You can now delete entries in the telephony call journal to help manage your journal. Like the enhanced telephony features and hotkey dialing, this feature requires our Circuit Telephony Connector.

New ringtones: You can now select from 14 different ringtones to use in the Circuit client for incoming calls (please activate in Circuit Labs).

As always, thank you for using Circuit. Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or ideas.

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VP Circuit at Unify and CEO of blueKiwi
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