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Circuit Sprint 112

Welcome to our first sprint release in the new year! With our current sprint, we put a particular focus on developers and on further enhancing our meeting experience. Let me quickly walk you through what‘s new:

Developer console: We have designed Circuit as an open collaboration platform, rather than a closed product. As a member of our developer community, you can integrate business workflows and applications with Circuit using our API and SDKs. With the current release, you can manage your custom applications generate API/SDK and bots application keys directly in the administration console. This feature is available in Circuit Labs.

Active screenshare on iOS: You have always been able to participate in screenshare sessions on your mobile devices. As a next step, you can now use your iOS device to actively share your screen, which is perfect for highly mobile work environments. iOS 12 and Circuit iOS client 1.2.5100 or later are required, and you can activate this capability in Circuit Labs.

Zoom screenshare for desktop app: When viewing a screen share on your Circuit desktop app, you can now zoom in to see more details of what‘s shared on your screen (Circuit Labs).

Portuguese language support: You now have the option to change your client interface to run in Portuguese (Brazil).

For telephony power users, call journal entries for our telephony connectors can now be deleted.

Going a bit into the details of our information sidebar, we enhanced the user interface to give users more capabilities and information:

  • Show “topic deleted” in sidebar when a topic that was pinned has been deleted
  • You can change title and description of the conversation, avatars, and conversation details directly in the sidebar
  • Sidebar now overlaps with the conversation feed in smaller screens for better visibility

As always, thank you for using Circuit and do share your feedback!

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VP Circuit at Unify and CEO of blueKiwi
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