Boas festas: Circuit is now available in Portuguese (and more product news)

Circuit Sprint 110

Note: Our new features are available for our customers in the Americas, where we updated our local system this week. The update for customers served out of our European data center is scheduled for Dec. 1st.

Welcome to our final update before the holiday season and for this year. Team Circuit wishes you joyful conversations, and thank you for another wonderful year!

As an early Christmas gift, we now support Portuguese language for the Circuit browser and desktop apps. As a native, please activate language support in Circuit Labs (FAQ) and let us know how we did with the translations.

What else is new with Sprint 110?

Muted and removed notifications: In unmoderated Circuit conversations, anybody can mute or remove any other participant from a live session. This is particularly helpful when there‘s too much background noise from a particular participant, or to remove people from an ongoing call for confidentiality reasons. To better understand what happens in a call, you can now see who has muted or removed you from a call.

Windows 10 notifications for desktop app (Labs): On Windows 10 PCs, we use the native Windows notification system giving you more control over how you see notifications, including the ability to see a history of the ones you have missed.

Hotkey dialing (Labs): Do you want to call a number you find on a website or document? You can now select a phone number from anywhere on your computer and click Ctrl+F2 (Windows) or Option+Cmd+K (macOS) and be redirected to the phone calls conversation in the Circuit Desktop App.

Improved text contrast ratio (Labs): Diversity and digital inclusion are not just buzzwords for us, but have significant influence on our product roadmap. With this release, Circuit is now more accessible and compliant with text contrast ratio standards.

By the way, if you are interested in digital accessibility topics, we recommend joining the AXShat community run by our Atos colleagues Neil Milliken and Antonio Santos.

As always, thank you for using Circuit, and see you again in 2019! 

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