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Circuit Sprint 108

As a Circuit user, staying on top of new and important messages and topics is getting less and less of an issue for you, as we are constantly working to enhance visibility and conversation structure. This has been a particular focus of our current Sprint 108 release.

New message visibility: You now have options for a flashing task bar icon or red dot when new messages have arrived in Circuit.

Topic listing and focus view: Circuit conversations are primarily designed for collaboration within smaller or mid-size teams. We make it very easy to post messages, attach files, and quickly respond. But larger teams often need more structure around complex topics they are working on and a less “chatty” way to interact with dozens of participants. That‘s why we‘re introducing a dedicated view to see all topics with titles in one list with individual access to each topic in focus mode.

There‘s even more messaging innovation in Circuit Labs: With pinned topics, you can pin important topics to the sidebar for easy access by your team. Our new context sidebar provides quick access to conversation details and pinned topics. You can activate Circuit Labs features in the settings menu.

Speaking of Circuit Labs, we promoted the capability to do video conferencing and screen sharing at the same time from beta mode to production. Meaning all Circuit users can now broadcast their video along with their screen when presenting. Viewers can see the active speakers video and the shared screen in one single view.

As usual for our blog, we are focusing on major new features and capabilities. But this time I want to highlight a smaller change that will have a bigger impact: Switching conversations while a file is uploading no longer stops the upload. This is particularly nice for large files and slower networks!

Thanks for using Circuit and let us know what you think about our latest update.

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VP Circuit at Unify and CEO of blueKiwi
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