Widen your scope and increase your focus

Circuit Sprint 106

With Circuit, it‘s not as paradoxical as it sounds! Let‘s walk through the new features and enhancements coming with our current Sprint 106 to see why.

Wider feed: Users told us that Circuit conversations should make better use of screen real estate for larger devices. We listened and you now have a wider feed when using a wider browser window or desktop application.

Conversation filters: In Circuit, you can have conversations with groups or other individuals. You can now filter your conversations to focus only on group or 1:1 conversations.

Voilà: Wider scope and better focus. But there‘s more to this sprint:

Embrava presence light integration: Sharing your presence within Circuit is a key feature for virtual collaboration. With our newest integration, you can make your availability visible in the real world: Just integrate with Embrava‘s Blynclight series of status light devices. Please go to the extensions menu in the settings to activate this feature.

Enhanced call summaries: For every voice, video or screenshare session, Circuit provides the names and numbers of participants, call duration and time stamps. You now can interact with call summaries and voicemails in your conversations feeds by replying, liking or flagging, just like for any other message.

Circuit Meeting Room enhancements: CMR extends virtual meetings to the physical space. As an easy-to-use video room system, it‘s tightly integrated with the Circuit experience, and also much cheaper than proprietary hardware solutions. With this sprint, administrators can share a Circuit Meeting Room with multiple domains. As a user, you can specifically select to add Circuit Meeting Rooms to a conference.

Thank you for using Circuit – we hope you enjoy the new experience!

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About Philipp Bohn

VP Circuit at Unify and CEO of blueKiwi
Philipp is VP Circuit and CEO of blueKiwi Software at Atos. In previous roles at Unify, he worked as Chief of Staff and in strategy planning. As an industry analyst at Berlecon Research, his focus has been on enterprise communication technology and digital media. Philipp holds a degree in business administration from University of Mannheim.

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