More video, more sharing, better filters for your team

Welcome to sprint 4 after our recent 100 sprints anniversary!

For sprint 104, one particular focus area for us has been the video, screensharing and messaging experience. Speaking of video, we found a very inspirational and insightful article in Harvard Business Review that encourages you to stop scheduling conference calls and finally commit to videoconferencing. We couldn‘t agree more, because it‘s so easy with Circuit!

Active screenshare indication:  When sharing your screen, you now get a permanent indication for better visibility and control.

Remote control for conferences: We have recently introduced remote control for 1-to-1 conversations. With our current update, you can request control for the other user‘s screen during group sessions as well.

Our development teams have also fixed a few smaller issues and made changes to existing capabilities to provide a better collaboration experience. For example, Circuit now displays the “undo” button for quick archiving in the conversation stream only for 5 seconds. It was 10 seconds previously, which proved too long. Also, guests can now point their mouse during screenshare for others to see. With whiteboarding, users can now edit text and make an export also for direct calls.

Circuit active screenshare
Active screenshare indication

New to Circuit Labs

We encourage you to activate beta features in the settings menu. Beta features are fully developed and secure, but we would like to incorporate early user feedback before we release to the general user population.

  • Video and screen share at the same time: This is arguably the most significant new capability this sprint. You can now share your video feed along with your screen when presenting. Viewer will be able to see the active speakers video and the shared screen in one single view.
  • Topic listing and focus view: We are introducing a dedicated view to see all topics with titles in one list with individual access to each topic in focus mode. This makes it easier for you to keep track of relevant topics in larger Circuit conversations as they grow over weeks, months or even years.
  • Conversation filters for group and 1-to-1 conversations: Many of our customers and users come from the Unified Communications world, where contact lists have been common. We obviously stick to conversations for Circuit, but you can now filter your conversations to only show group or 1-to-1 conversations.

Parallel video and screenshare
Parallel video and screenshare

Thank you for using Circuit and continuously sharing your feedback. Your input helps us make Circuit better with every release!

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