Atos Unify Rooms: Supporting tomorrow's hybrid workplace

Before COVID-19, organizing a meeting simply meant finding the nearest available conference room and gathering there with colleagues. Whether scheduled or ad hoc, meetings were effortless when everyone inhabited the same office.

However, the pandemic considerably changed things. . Employees switched from their desks in the office to the kitchen table at home, eliminating in-person meetings almost entirely and as organizations worked remotely, video meetings prevailed.

Unify Rooms

Supporting tomorrow’s fragmented teams

As we approach the post-pandemic workplace, meetings are expected to transform again. Remote work is here to stay, and many companies are quickly adopting flexible work arrangements.

This means tomorrow’s teams will be heavily distributed, with some colleagues in the office and some at home. Meetings will be a hybrid of meeting rooms and video conferencing.

The traditional meeting—where colleagues get together in a meeting room—won’t be enough. As remote and flexible work grows, the regular meeting rooms of old lack the ability to facilitate collaboration amongst employees who work from anywhere, whether it’s in the office or somewhere else.

Tomorrow’s meetings require more than a room. They need to democratize the experience and bridge the gap between in-office and remote workers - driving collaboration as effectively as traditional meeting rooms did and allow teams to work together regardless of location.

Specifically, employees outside of the office should have the option of joining meeting rooms through the same video conferencing tools they already use. This allows teams to recreate the face-to-face interactions critical for productive meetings.

Enter Atos Unify Rooms

Yesterday’s siloed meeting rooms under-achieve in the post-COVID-19 era of work. If teams are to continue communicating and collaborating, meeting rooms must move to the cloud. That’s where Unify Rooms comes in.

Atos Unify Rooms transforms meeting rooms of any size into cloud-based video collaborative spaces, where both in-office and remote teams can work together face-to-face. It uses hardware many meeting rooms are already equipped with (cameras, TVs, speakers, and computers).

How Atos Unify Rooms simplifies the modern meeting

Designed to work in any room, Unify Rooms takes the logistical headaches out of holding hybrid meetings so that teams can spend their time focused on the objective at hand—and not on making sure everyone can see and hear what’s happening in the meeting. Here are four key ways Unify Rooms makes meetings better.

1. Setting up is a breeze

Atos Unify Rooms Join

Instant join

Initiate or log onto an existing meeting from any device with just a single click or tap.

Dual screen support

See shared content on one screen and meeting participants on another.

Direct sharing

Wirelessly share content from your mobile device or laptop via a single button.

Calendar integration

Schedule a Unify Rooms meeting directly from Outlook or Google calendar.

Simple one-panel dashboard

Manage meeting room controls (mute/unmute, add participants, assign moderators, and more) all from a single Android device (with further device support on the roadmap).

Alternatively use personal device application for safety through not having to touch shared controllers or surfaces.

Atos Unify Rooms

2. Compatible for meeting rooms of all sizes

Unify Rooms converts any meeting room into a video meeting room. From huddle rooms designed for small team meetings, to large conference rooms where entire departments gather, every room can support in-office and remote collaboration.

3. Detailed insights into meeting room effectiveness

With Unify Rooms, organizations have access to detailed analytics such as usage patterns, user preferences, and more to optimize productivity, resource investment and easily troubleshoot issues.

4. Protected with enterprise-grade security

Shield your meetings and reduce the risk of unwanted interruptions with best-in-class security controls.

How to get Unify Rooms

Unify Rooms is available to all Unify Office and Unify Video customers and initially supports Poly Studio X all-in-one video bar devices for small and medium sized conference rooms. Beside the Poly Studio X all-in-one solutions, Unify Rooms leverages the Poly Studio G7500 as a modular system for large conference rooms.

Support your future workforce today

The workplace is transforming faster than ever. Already, businesses are supercharging productivity by allowing employees to work where they feel most comfortable.

Instead of allowing fragmented teams to hinder communication and collaboration, modernizing your meeting rooms can promote the teamwork necessary for driving success in the future of work. And with the right technology, your organization is fully prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow’s workforce

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