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With our current update, we wanted to make it easier for you to share content with your colleagues, and keep on top of your most important messages:

iPad multitasking: Our iPad app supports iOS 11 multi-tasking features, including drag and drop content between other applications and Circuit. Go to the App Store to download and rate ⭐ Circuit for iOS.

Notification control for favorites: You can now control if you want to receive desktop and push notifications for messages in your favorite conversations. You can alsoNotification control combine direct message, mentions, and favorites settings.

Note: You can favorite 1:1 and group conversations as well as communities by clicking on the little star symbol next to the conversation name. Favorited conversations then appear on the right sidebar in your Circuit web or browser app, or at the bottom of your mobile app. That way, you have quick access to your most important contacts and projects.

We also fixed a few issues with our Jabra and Sennheiser headset integrations for Microsoft-specific headset varieties. You can activate our integrations with Jabra, Sennheiser, and Plantronics headsets in the Circuit settings menu under Extensions, making it easier to handle Circuit callsWe also squashed a few bugs in our Circuit for Outlook plugin.

Like always, thank you for using Circuit! Do tell us what you think about the new features we introduced with Sprint 94, and ask us any questions you might have!

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VP Circuit at Unify and CEO of blueKiwi
Philipp is VP Circuit and CEO of blueKiwi Software at Atos. In previous roles at Unify, he worked as Chief of Staff and in strategy planning. As an industry analyst at Berlecon Research, his focus has been on enterprise communication technology and digital media. Philipp holds a degree in business administration from University of Mannheim.

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