3 reasons to make the switch to cloud communications

Posted on: Apr 1, 2021 by Darren Gallagher

We talk a lot about the benefits of cloud computing. Hosted email makes it easy to share information from nearly any device. Photo-sharing sites enable us to keep up to date with our friends and family members. And streaming video technology has given us a bevy of entertainment options, whether we’re on our couches or on the road.

Any discussion of the cloud should include hosted communications services, as well. Here are three of the best reasons to move your communications platforms into the cloud.

1) No maintenance

A business that adopts cloud-based communications needs not to worry about shelling out for maintenance contracts or new software. Typically, cloud communications services are billed on a monthly or yearly basis – and the fees that cloud providers charge are often all-inclusive. That’s the case with Unify Office, which includes features like call recording, voice-mail unlimited extensions and an auto attendant on its plans for one flat rate. Unify Office by RingCentral customers also have access to unlimited team messaging and unlimited cloud storage for important documents and task management throughout the persistent chat application.

Contrast the Unify Office by RingCentral experience with that of a legacy PBX phone system user. PBXs require regular maintenance and adjustment and performing simple tasks (like adding an extension or reassigning a desk phone) demands the services of a third-party technician. In addition, PBX software changes must often be purchased separately. Unify Office requires no maintenance contracts, and all software upgrades are included. There’s just one monthly per-user fee, plus the cost of a desk phone if you elect to use one.

2) Location-agnostic

Cloud communications products aren’t just simpler to manage than legacy on-premise options – they’re easier to use from day to day, as well. Cloud services can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, using any device. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Unify Office, for example, offers a consistent user experience across many different devices. Thanks to our Cloud Touch platform, the Unify Office interface looks the same on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Unify Office users can even send a fax from a mobile device, thanks to our CloudFax microsite.

The appeal of solutions that work from anywhere is hard to deny, with more and more business being conducted outside the strictures of 9-5 office life. If you’re looking to increase productivity and free your employees from their desks, cloud services are a natural choice.

3) Substantial cost savings

Can you save money with the cloud? Usually, the answer is a resounding yes. We’ve found that businesses can reduce their telecom outlays significantly when switching from a PBX to Unify Office. Over the course of one or more years, that can add up to thousands in savings – money can be diverted towards improving inventory, hiring more salespeople or expanding into new markets.

Read about how customers save an average of 40% when they migrate from on-premises PBX systems to a RingCentral cloud-based product.

For a real-life example of the benefits that can accrue by migrating to a cloud communications provider, look to Sigmund-Schuckert-Gymnasium. During the lockdown, when pupils and parents were required to stay at home at short notice and learn and work together, the search was on for possibilities of supplementary digital-supported audio-visual mediation, with which the teaching material could be explained, questions answered and exercised together – all of which could be implemented within a very short time. By using the RingCentral solution, the most important aspects of teaching are virtually reproduced. As a cloud solution, RingCentral can be used immediately without complex installation and configuration and is so easy to use that hardly any training is required. All virtual collaboration features of the Digital Workplace are immediately available.

With so many compelling benefits, the real question to ask is: Why not switch to a cloud phone system?

Unify Office by RingCentral is an enterprise-grade cloud optimised, mobile first communications platform for voice, video meetings, messaging, presence, eFax and team collaboration. Unify Office allows you to future proof your business communications while driving cost savings along the way. With Atos you can leverage bespoke vertical cloud integrations that strengthen your IT strategy, embedding technology to drive your key business outcomes. Achieve more and grow your business with Atos, a recognised leader in European Managed Workplace Services by Gartner.

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