Green Awards

We live our environmental responsibility

Since 1993, Unify has developed products with low energy consumption in mind. We keep an eye on sustainable, resource-sparing use of raw materials and environmentally friendly production in compliance with ISO14001. Unify also complies with national and international industry standards such as:

  • ISO 14021 standards for environmental product declarations (EPD)
  • ISO 14040 (Life Cycle Assessment – General Principles and Practices)
  • ISO 11469 (Generic identification and marking of plastic products)
  • IEC Guide 109 (Environmental Aspects – Inclusion in Electro-technical Product Standards)
  • European & Chinese RoHS (Restriction of specific hazardous substances, in electric an electronic devices)
  • EU-REACH (Registration, evaluation, authorization and limitation of chemicals
  • EU-RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment)


ENERGY STAR is an US Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals to save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. Products that earns the ENERGY STAR prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency criteria or requirements set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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Unify is a ENERYG STAR partner participating in the ENERGY STAR program for enterprise Servers and telephony.

The following Unify products of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP family currently are awarded with the ENERGY STAR:

  • Unify OpenScape Desk Phone CP 200/205/400/600/700/700X
  • Unify OpenScape Desk Phone CP 110/210/410/710

Blue Angel

Blue Angel

The BLUE ANGEL is the eco label of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The following Unify products of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP family currently are awarded with the BLUE ANGEL according to RAL UZ 220:

  • Unify OpenScape Desk Phone CP 110/210/410/710

The Unify SIP based Voice over IP Phones OpenScape Desk Phone CP 100/200/205/400/600/600E/700/700X are fulfilling the Blue Angel energy efficiency requirements according to the following Blue Angel requirement specifications:

  • RAL UZ 150
  • RAL UZ 220 (identical with the ENERGY STAR requirements for IP phones)