Atos Unify OpenScape First Response V2R1 is now available

We are excited to announce that Atos Unify OpenScape First Response V2R1 is now available. The new release brings enhanced reliability and flexibility in Emergency Services Routing Proxy, Border Control Function, Media Bridge Services Function and Policy Store Service and enriched usability features.

Resilience, reliability and efficiency are top priorities when providing emergency services. OpenScape First Response is a comprehensive product suite providing an end-to-end Next Generation Emergency (NG 911/NG 112) solution. It delivers a National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and European Emergency Number Association (EENA) compliant Emergency Service IP-Network (ESINet), Next Generation Core Services (NGCS) and Next Generation Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) including Call Taking / Dispatch. With OpenScape First Response, 911/112 emergency calls can be placed and responded to via voice, text messaging, video and data. The solution is compliant with international standards, enabling deployment in different countries and allowing emergency service interoperability across state and national borders.

OpenScape First Response V2R1’s Emergency Services Routing Proxy​ allows calls to be intelligently routed across municipalities, states, regions or countries. Its Border Control and Legacy PSAP Gateway functions facilitate interconnection of regions while protecting critical emergency call infrastructure.

The new release also adds enhanced continuity and flexibility with its Media Service Bridge Function and Emergency Services Application. The Media Services Bridge Function provides flexible call conferencing and transfers capabilities which are critical when handling emergency calls. The Emergency Services Application provides legacy PSAPs with Texting capabilities integrated with the ESInet/NGCS​.

Further highlights of OpenScape First Response include advanced queue and call handling, location data enhancements, as well as providing significant emergency response and efficiency through video, conferencing and agents staying on multiple calls. The solution allows municipalities to share the same infrastructure, enhancing interoperability and ensuring consistent emergency call handling across jurisdictions.

OpenScape First Response contributes to more efficient, reliable and comprehensive emergency services. It answers users’ needs by incorporating state-of-the-art capabilities, presenting the right data at the right time, while staying compliant with international standards, facilitating compatibility between regional systems and protecting existing emergency call infrastructure. As the demand for more advanced features emerges, OpenScape First Response will be ready to deliver a sophisticated, easy-to-use and resilient solution.