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January 2020

Happy New Year! We hope you managed to enjoy some time off and are ready for all that 2020 is going to bring. Here’s to another year of hard work, good business results and supporting each other.

Marketing Updates


Start the New Year on Circuit – join our Circuit communities

The best way to sell Circuit is to find out the value of it for yourself; if you don’t already have a Circuit account, sign up here.

There are lots of different Circuit communities – if you are already a Circuit user, you may have a group with your business and the relevant Unify/Atos correspondents, you may have private conversations with a single person or you may be part of a larger group.

Please if you haven’t already, sign up for our main Partner communities where we share all the latest news, product information, case studies and host regular webinars.

  • Partner SalesConnect – a forum sharing the latest sales information, content and tools to help you sell our portfolio more effectively. Learn more and join this community here.
  • Marketing Hub – a forum for marketing queries and questions, with business news and marketing resources shared here. Request access here.
  • TechConnect – a forum that engages in technical dialogue, sharing best practice with direct access to Subject Matter experts. Learn more and join this community here.

Product Updates

OpenScape Desk Phone CP Family adds TDM options

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP TDM devices continue the success story of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP family. Now customers can use a common phone design language for both IP and TDM models. The new CP200T and CP400T design and interface are almost identical to their IP equivalents, including KM400 key module support for the CP400T

  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP200T: Feature rich entry desk top device with superior audio quality. Ideally for basic users needing CTI-support.
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP400T: With a large display and numerous programmable keys it’s the standard device for office and team environments.

OpenScape Business V3

OpenScape BusinessOpenScape Business is our award winning all-in-one solution for Telephony and UC. Version 3 is currently in a field trial period with some of our partners, where quality is being checked before its release to the market.

The new update will future-proof OpenScape Business, with a new mainboard preparing the system for further requirements, innovations and security demands; replacement of the mainboard is a smooth migration process with no need to replace hardware and phones, protecting customer investment. Installation & configuration will be simplified and the new version will provide faster CPU performance and longer life. Read more.

OpenScape Enterprise Solution Version 10 is now available

With OpenScape Enterprise Solution V10 reaching general availability, you now have additional capabilities to offer customers. The version release, available since 20th December 2019, offers enhanced reliability and security, a number of usability enhancements such as UC client support for macOS and Linux via WebRTC, improved chat with support of attachments and focus on accessibility with keyboard navigation to increase productivity and operational efficiency.

For more details, read more on our partner portal.

OpenScape Contact Center V10R1 now available for sale

VerintMore outcome-driven enhancements mean business performance improvements for OpenScape Contact Center customers – upgrade your customers today!

Log on to the Partner Portal for resources around this – sales information, a value presentation and product documentation. Read more on our partner portal.

Latest Circuit Sprint

And just like that, it’s 2020 – another year has flown by. Last year Circuit evolved and grew hugely; new whiteboarding features opened up collaborative drawing during calls, new language support for Dutch and Portuguese brought Circuit to new users and PDFs became available to read in Circuit so as not to waste time downloading and reviewing in a new browser. To make the user experience even easier (and more fun!), 14 new ringtones were added, the option to snooze your account for an unlimited time was introduced and you can pop out conversations into separate windows for ease cycling through different streams.

Our end of 2019 blog sums up all these enhancements and many more that were made over the course of the year – remind yourself of them here.

The team meeting experience – 10 subtle ways that ‘virtual’ is better than being there in person

Video ConferencingRecent studies from across the globe show that about half of organizations still have not embraced flexible and remote working or distributed virtual teams. Sometimes there is a good reason for that – certain job types are obviously not a good fit for ‘anywhere’ working. But many organizations still hold the belief that people need to be co-located, present and visible at an office location.

Hear from our Digital Workplace and Team Collaboration expert, Ross Sedgewick, as he goes through 10 subtle ways that ‘virtual’ is better than being at that meeting in person – read the full blog here.


Global Business Partner Update

On the 26th November, Robert Vassoyan, Simon Skellon and Luiz Domingos came together to brief you on product enhancements, a go-to-market update and the UCC business strategy and direction. If you missed this session, the recording is now available on the Partner Portal for you to go back and listen to. Find the recording here.

Success Stories

The new communications system solution for the retirement and nursing home EMS Les Vergers

EMS Les Vergers is a recently opened retirement and nursing home in the municipality of Aproz near Nendaz, Switzerland. It offers senior citizens a modern retirement residence with comprehensive, reliable medical and social services, all tailored to their needs. Therefore, the communications system needs to be just as reliable and extensive.

Find out how we provided them with a future-proof, scalable solution that combined existing solutions (analog connections) with new possibilities (SIP telephony) in our case study.